Oakhands from Munich, Germany built their house right on the borders of post-hardcore, emo and indierock.

“Sturm & Drang” is the band’s battlecry and perfectly describes their music: relentlessly it charges forward, thriving with each chord and syllable, putting all their emotions at the very heart of their creative works – just like the artists of the eponymous era. Their musical complexity and metaphorical abstraction in the form of storytelling is always complemented by audio-visual experimental experiences that challenge the viewer to broaden one’s horizon as to what music is about.


Oakhands released their debut album "The Shadow of Your Guard Receding" in Spring 2020 via This Charming Man Records, which is the follow up to their critically acclaimed EP released by Uncle M in 2016.



Alex aka WalterWahnsinnJr





Hannah Benedum


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