The Shadow of your Guard Receding

With „The Shadow of your Guard Receding“, we tried to push our idea of an album accompanied by audiovisual expressionism even further than before. It’s a concept album based on the concept of feelings – emotions, in all shades, strengths & combinations, lie at the very bottom of what we do, they’re the initial drive of our very being. Every song deals with a specific type of emotion, enshrined by the lyrics and deepened by the video series accompanying the songs. The way we don’t just divide emotions into black and white is the way we approach our songwriting and lyrics – differentiated, with a close ear to dynamics and textures to come as close to the complex reality of life as possible. Loud and quiet, soft and harsh all lie together very close on our album. You won’t find any catchy slogans or easy answers on our album: the album’s persona constantly digs deeper into their mind, constantly discussing and discovering new aspects of their own psyche concerning matters like isolationism, mental health, masculinity and family matters.

Age of Swans

“Age of Swans” deals with the duality of antagonisms, life & death, and instantly rejects it. It’s the interstices in between those absolutes, where reality lies and life happens. By transitioning fluently from one side to the other we want to show that these extremes are no absolutes, but subjective waypoints of a circular motion, easily different for every beholder. Internalizing this change in perspective means breaking up black and white thinking. “Age of Swans” promotes this way of thinking by fluently changing from atmospheric arrangements to swaying melodies to driving choruses just to go back to the beginning in one fluent motion – all the while every song is assigned a specific waypoint on the circle of life to death and back to life. Just like Edvard Munch once said: “From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.”



Alex aka WalterWahnsinnJr




Hannah Benedum

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